Gifts of Addictions Part 1

I get tired sometimes when our culture speaks of addicts in a tone of “those people” or as if struggling with an addiction equals being the worst person on Earth that is unless it’s someone famous then it’s fascinating and sometimes dare I say “cool”?

Not so folks. Not at all.  Work with those who are addicted for awhile or be in personal relationships with those in active addiction or in recovery and you will see a much different story.

We all know the dark side of addictions.  What it looks like: lost children, lost jobs, lost marriages, lost lives.  There is another side though. What you will find over and over again when you really look past the pain is people who are sensitive to the world in ways that are not well understood by those who aren’t.

You will find a high rate of creativity in art, music, written words or acting.  You will find people who give to the point of their own destruction.  Who help other people walk even when their own legs are broken.  The shirt off their backs type.

You will find that in childhood there were few filters between their souls and the harshness of daily life in functional and dysfunctional families.  Somewhere around 9 or 10 years old or maybe they make it to their teens before they can’t take it anymore but at some point they try drugs and discover in many ways, the peace of relief from all the turmoil inside and out.

Those who feel powerless discover power at last.  Those who feel lost in the social world suddenly find themselves comfortable and chatting away like it was nothing.  Those who feel scraped raw by too much stimuli are able to snuggle into a cottony buffer and finally sigh deeply with relief.

I am beginning to believe that until we start looking more into the studies regarding sensitively wired people we are going to continue to fail at our current ridiculous rates when it comes to treating major addictions.  I’m not the only one I’m sure starting to wonder just how much biology and the ability to filter stimuli has to do with why some kids try drugs and it’s fun for them but they stop and why others continue on in and out of recovery for the rest of their lives.

More on this later…art class awaits…


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