I wish my dog Chloe had not died so quickly.  I knew her health was failing but the day she went it was sudden relatively speaking and we sort of knew when we left for the vet that she might not be coming back home with us but the heart retains hope long after logic instructs it to let go.

She was struggling for air I didn’t feel like I could take the time to say a “proper” goodbye like I was able to do with Bugsy.   With Ivy I knew when Morgan took her to Atlanta that I would not see her again.  Her leaving with Morgan was the point, I knew they had little time left together.  I said goodbye to her then.

Chloe had to decided fast. I wanted mercy for her and I wanted it immediately.  Her death was traumatic for us and likely a welcome relief to her.  To shed the body that had not been fully functional for awhile, to be free of the bonds of flesh and stretch her spiritual wings must have and hopefully still feels fantastic.

I never leave without kissing all my animals (husband included lol!) goodbye.  I’ve done that for years because life is fleeting and we are so strong yet fragile that you never know when a goodbye is the final one.  I feel good that the morning of her last day I held her and smooched her ears when I carried her outside to do her thing and at breakfast I kissed her again.

Heath picked up her ashes today.  A tiny tin which I placed in the box that holds Bugsy’s ashes.  They are together again. I pray that she and Bugsy and Ivy will be there when Scarlett crosses that rainbow bridge.  I would like to think of them all together again barking and raising hell in Dog Heaven.

In the meantime I say my written goodbyes to Chloe, tell my old cat Ozzy, my old dogs Bugs and Ivy-doodle that I miss them and kiss my aging, white-faced lady Scarlett’s head every time I can.  And I thank God again for the honor of having been owned by such wonderful animals throughout my life.


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