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Students encouraged to bring their iPhone to school…uh, what?!

My question is – why the hell do STUDENTS even have iPhones?  And why o why are they encouraged to bring them to school so the teachers can weave them into the lesson for the day.

What lesson?  Who can Google “the vanishing middle class” the fastest?  Who can find the dumbest kitten video (not my kitten video of course!) on  What can they possibly be teaching with iPhones and for crying out loud can we rub it into the faces of the “have-nots” kids any more blatantly?

I’m not saying if you can afford an iPhone for your 5th grader that you shouldn’t buy them one.  I do question whether or not you have a special savings account for the little darlings future legal and/or drug rehab fund.  A reference which you will understand more fully later!

I don’t even have a NOOK and this very evening there’s some 6-year-old in Highlands Ranch tucking in her iPad before she goes to sleep.  Even worse I see people on their iPads at the bus stop wearing clothes so bad that I swear I can hear the wind whistling through the holes in their trainers but they have a stinkin’ iPad.

When did our priorities go so wildly askew?  I’m not a huge fan of intense religiosity but an email I saw from Dave Ramsey, whose financial planning methods I do deeply respect, got me cranked up on this issue when he asks when is enough enough already?

I tell you what, I would really hate to be the poor kid in class today.  I was always that kid growing up and I know all too well the sting of not having the “right” possessions.  Hell I know it now, still today!  Although by possessions these days I mean owning a home, not the latest fashion or shoes. Although some health insurance would be a nice thing to possess since my one prescription is likely going to cause me to have to go sell plasma in order to pay for it every month.

What horrors must poor kids be going through now though? I mean having the right shoes, hairstyle etc was not a requirement to get good grades.  I’m certainly evidence of that but now the internet is required to get your homework done.  You literally have to have access to it and what if single Daddy simply can’t afford it?  Much less an iPhone or any cell phone for that matter for little Spoiledina?

At the library I see a few kids now and then who are really trying to do homework surrounded by the noise of the other kids screwing around on YouTube and Harry the Homeless guy having multiple conversations with himself at high volume while he surfs the conspiracy websites.

What the heck are kids doing to survive academically and I wonder how many simply give up?  A report recently came out that children are so over regulated over without any unstructured play time which is critical for creativity and learning that they are basically all doomed to become serial killers.  I’m paraphrasing of course but you get the picture.

Here’s the thing: I’m only 45 and starting to feel like saying things such as: why I remember when…. and back in the day…and we walked 5 miles to school and it was uphill both ways!  I find myself wanting to use words like whippersnapper and durn fool and I never had one of those and look how I turned out.  Although come to think of it that last one might not be a good question to ask.

Anyway think it over.  Could kids just be sent outside to play for a few hours a week instead of being raised by electronic images? Would a little delay in gratification be such a bad thing for a kid that wants an iPhone or some other gizmo?

Would it be so bad for them to actually earn it by finding little neighborhood jobs, volunteering at the local child advocacy center or organizing a clothing drive for the homeless?  Seriously, there’s a guy at the bus stop who could use some new kicks!


PETA? What In The World Are You Thinking?!

As a woman who has after many years absence, jumped back on the vegetarian wagon and who likes to eat vegan as often as possible and a long time PETA supporter (although I cannot watch their videos!) imagine my upset when I saw PETA’s new ad campaign: My Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me.  Hmmm the title alone piques the interest doesn’t it?  It did for me, so intrigued I viewed the site immediately – here is the link so you can too:

At first I was just uncomfortable watching the video clip and couldn’t really identify why but within seconds I had it nailed, ah-hem, so to speak.  A young lady is walking through town with a neck brace, scanty panties and torn clothing looking like she has just escaped from a hospital emergency room.

We hear the narrator, Kevin Nealon, talking about how boyfriends can turn into tantric porn stars after going vegan and referring to the site which tells you how to live with this now predatory wild man. Uh…what?

Do we really want to promote boyfriends literally incapacitating their girlfriends with sex so rough that it leaves them in neck braces and limping through the neighborhood? Really PETA?

Replace that girlfriend with a pig and imagine the outrage!  I know it’s an ad campaign but let me tell you if going vegan meant my husband would leave me looking like I’d been run through a knothole backwards I can tell you that steak would be going right to the top of my King Sooper’s list.

Even worse is the perpetuation of rape being ok in some form or other.  Well sure it’s rape but hey he is eating vegan so doesn’t that make it ok?  I for one am truly glad he saved a chicken’s ass but not at the expense of his girlfriend’s!

C’mon PETA, you can and have done better than this.  Let’s not harm anything with a face, girlfriends especially, while we’re cleaning up our eating habits shall we?  Remove this ad and go back to the drawing board.  I can see how on the surface, if the writers had never been impacted by sexual violence, which is frankly hard to imagine, that this might look clever and funny and dare I say, hip.

It isn’t. It’s dangerous.

PETA please don’t make me start a petition on against this campaign when I have already signed so many petitions in support of animals and the work you do on their behalf.  Along with handing over many of my hard earned dollars to keep you going, I might add.

I have one hyphenated word for your writers/marketing team: Do-over.

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