Watch Your Words

Remember that attacking other’s for their beliefs or name calling are are also acts of violence that carry the energy of destruction. Violence does not beget peace. Minds and hearts are changed through validation and education not by name calling or put downs. Flow your energies toward solutions, redressing our broken mental health system, supporting parents, improving education, etc. Words have power – let’s be careful out there with them.

Bashing people who responsibly own guns and support the 2nd Amendment is a waste of time and energy better spent getting creative with some serious problem solving. This issue is not an issue – it is issues – plural – multi-layered as any onion and as likely to cause tears in the peeling back.

It is so our nature to blame Obama, Republicans, Rednecks, anyone South of the Mason-Dixon line, Teabaggers, Liberals, Pot Smokers…you get the picture. Stop it. Start asking questions.

How the hell did we get here? What are we going to do about it? Tell me your ideas and I’ll tell you mine and maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle.

Let’s start talking to each other without creating further violence with our words. There’s enough pain out there and I have shed my share of tears today as I seriously considered getting in my car and driving to the ATL just to lay eyes on my daughter and make sure she’s ok.

Even though she is no longer a child in school I remember the crushing post-Columbine fear I had taking her to school and wondering if she’d be there when I came to pick her up. She was so small and I cried every day to work fighting the impulse to never let her out of the house unless she was wrapped head to toe in Kevlar gear.

And here we are again. And again. And yet again.

The next few weeks will be filled with rhetoric and arguing. We can’t stop that. We can wave to our neighbors and genuinely wish them well. We can go volunteer in schools as mentors, literacy sponsors and in after school programs. We can offer babysitting to some stressed out parents or take an isolated senior to shop.

We can do so many things that spread ripples of good, that defy evil it’s attempt to gain a stronghold in our souls and we can do them every day.

Ghandi wasn’t it said we have to be the change we want to see? Well what are you doing to stop the violence in your own sphere? Do you carry hateful thoughts toward others? Are you cursing slow drivers names? Are you looking for the bright spots to amplify them? Are you creating open dialogue with people you know on sensitive topics? Are you saying ugly things to yourself about yourself in the quiet where no one sees?

I am guilty of those things and even stopping such tiny acts of war within our own minds brings peace. Peace begets peace. Always, every time.

We can use the energy of “enough already damn it to hell!” to create some solutions. I don’t know what those solutions are, I so wish I did. I do know that if I talk to you and you talk to me and we talk to others someone is going to have some great idea(s) that might actually help us get somewhere.

Let’s do it. May peace and peace and peace be everywhere ~ The Upanishads


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