It’s been awhile, thanks for waiting…

Here are two new poems. Probably should start a file for poetry book collection #3

#1 Grown-up

I keep thinking that today is the day,
I’ll be a grown-up.
I’ll wear color coordinated outfits,
Shined shoes,
And all my bills will be paid.
On time no less.

I’ll balance my checkbook monthly,
And have a splendid mortgage.
My husband will mow our perfect lawn,
And all our flowers will bloom.
Roses no less.

That day is not today by any stretch,
As I leave late for a meeting and arrive,
Wearing coffee down my blouse,
And yogurt on my right leg.

That day is certainly not today, nope,
As I still pay rent on a house with angles,
In all of the wrong places,
Which costs a fortune to heat.

Tomorrow will surely be the day,
I’ll be a grown-up.
All my paperwork will be complete,
Oil changed,
And I’ll remember to wear earrings
In my ears no less.


#2 Ground Glass for Beverly Harris by request…

We don’t sleep,
Who needs it?
Sleep is for chumps and babies.

We eat ground glass,
At every breakfast,
Oats are for horses and babies.

We changed diapers,
Patched knees,
And un-gummed hair.

We sang dumb songs,
Fought bullies,
And read riot acts.

We sat up nights,
Sometimes still,
Worrying, wondering.

We raised kids,
We survived.
Whining’s for pups and babies.



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