The Sticky Teal Ribbon – NaPoWriMo Poem #3

We gather this month of April,
Across the Nation,
And put sticky teal ribbons on our clothing.
To say in whatever way we can,
We know what has happened to you,
Victims and Survivors of Rape,
If we haven’t experienced it,
Or prefer not to discuss it,
We know those who have.
We know them in excess.
Mind boggling numbers,
Which if read too often,
Make one look askance at every passing,
Male and wonder,
As if all rapists are men,
Which they are not.
As if all victims are women,
Which they are not.
Thinking about this issue is good.
Speaking up and out is better.
Taking action is best,
But if that’s not possible,
Wearing the sticky teal ribbon,
Is the least we can do,
In this month of April.

Copyright Michelle Wolff 2013


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