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The Present of Presence (a re-blog from Rhonda Blackhurst)

The Present of Presence.


Looking for Stars

We’re down here searching the night sky for your star.

I say we.

I know I’m not alone in this.

Do you hear our eyes asking? Is it this one? That one?

Do you see our faces confused and wondering?

Can you hear the hope in our pounding hearts?

I pick one and make a wish on light that left the source a million years before breath filled my lungs.

What else is there to do but wait another million years to stop searching? To stop wishing against reality?

In a world of endless sequels and reruns, accepting that a story has ended is nearly impossible.

So we tell your story as best we remember it,

And we look for stars.


Expecting Good

Today I live in the quiet, joyous, expectation of good – Ernest Holmes

I opened a book to this quote today and it hit me.  How often do I start the day mentally rehearsing all the “bad” stuff I think will be coming my way?  Too often. It colors my entire mood before I am even fully dressed and out of the door.  I am pre-planning and internally tensing up and defending against tough moments that haven’t even happened, and may not ever happen, yet.

I can say I am much better at this and even today, on my way to a meeting that I wasn’t totally enthused about, did take a few moments and offer up a prayer for the best possible outcome.  I think I do better in my personal life at this than my professional one as I often make gratitude lists that remind me of what’s important and help me center back into a positive frame of mind.  Too often at work I am silently worrying that I won’t know the right answer when asked a question or that someone will need something that I can’t deliver.  And lately, as my memory slips further away from me, I stress out wondering if I have forgotten to enter something critical on my calendar!

Too often I am trying to get through the day alone forgetting that I can ask for help from other people and perhaps more importantly from God, Great Spirit or whatever other name you’d like to place on whatever it is out there that is larger than us.  I love Anne Lamott, a writer who says her most often said prayer is “Help! Help! Help!”  I adore that because I often use it myself and it is always answered in one form or another even when I can’t always see it in the moment.

Today I live in the quiet, joyous, expectation of good – Ernest Holmes

Really read that one.  How much different would your mood and subsequently your day be if you, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, really believed that eventually everything would work out in your favor?  And doesn’t life usually, given enough time, end up positive?  When you reflect back on your life how many places do you see where what looked like the worst possible timing/event which was happening to you actually turned out to be a gift?

I know I’ve certainly been handed boxes, “presents” from the Universe wrapped in tattered brown paper that smelled a little or a lot like leftover tuna and when opened sure didn’t look like a gift by any stretch of the imagination!  In fact some of them looked a lot like…well you can fill in the blank on that one in with your own imagination.  You know what I mean though, sometimes life knocks you right off your feet and when you stand back up (and you must stand back up!) your world looks entirely different and usually entirely better than it was before.  Hindsight can be a moment of regret but it can also be a moment in which you finally understand what the “bad” was all about and if you’re lucky even feel grateful for it.

Today I live in the quiet, joyous, expectation of good – Ernest Holmes

The point is to have a little faith that living in the expectation of good means it’s much more likely that you’ll see it arise in your world and even more likely that you will recognize all the good which surrounds you in this very moment.  And if you can’t expect something good today then prayerfully ask for help in learning how to expect the very best in every day.  Try it and see what happens, remember it goes like this, “Help! Help! Help!”